SEO Tutorial For Beginners – SEO Tutorial 2016

SEO Tutorial For Beginners – SEO Tutorial 2016

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In this video I prepater a tutorial on how to do do SEO for beginners.
I know a lot of you guys have asked for a Seo Tutorial For Beginners and there you go!

I am teaching you the basics in this one but in my next videos I will also talk about the whole
onpage seo and backlinking stuff.

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In this seo tutorial for beginners who searching for a guide of a great seo plan to be in first page and results in the different search engines I will show you how to do the perfect onpage SEO for your site.

You will learn in this Seo Tutorial For Beginners how to step by step how to optimise a site get to the top of the search results and increase sales! This really works great!

This SEO for beginners tutorial will help you get started with search engine optimization on your website in as little time as possible.

I am sure you enjoyed this video and see you in the next one!

SEO Tools – Free Tools for Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tools – Free Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Get a FREE copy of the SEO Toolbook, hundreds of free tools for SEO at Jason McDonald is director of the JM Internet Group, a provider of online training in SEO. The SEO Toolbook is a companion free toolbook to his SEO Fitness Workbook, a best-selling tutorial on SEO for small business marketers. Learn more at the website. – Classified Website Submissions – Organic Search Engine Optimization – Classified Website Submissions – Organic Search Engine Optimization

Off-Site optimization technique using classified ads to point website traffic back into your site itself.
There are two main sites out there in the classified web world that really speak highly to Google and build a lot of relevance to Google and Yahoo, as well and also MSN/Bing as they move to a more dynamic platform. These two directory/classified websites, the reason I say directory is all the information on the classified websites are very well organized. You have Craigslist and then you also have Backpage.
The strong components about these websites is that you can check a website called and see that Craigslist is in the top 25 websites in the world, which means that if consumers are going to Craigslist at such a high rate that it makes the top 25 list, then its sure got to be a great place for the search engines to go for information.
Then there’s Backpage, which we see pop up in the Yahoo index very frequently, and this will also index you and case you within the organic search engine optimization rankings. Now when you write these particular ads, what you’ll want to do is assign a physical address in the ad if you have a physical location. This helps build your relevancy in the maps area of the search engines and then you’ll also want to hyperlink content within your classified ad relevant to your business.
For example, were a Fort Lauderdale based SEO firm, so I would actually hyperlink content that said Fort Lauderdale SEO and point it to and this will build relevancy toward Fort Lauderdale SEO and then ideally we will place our physical address, 4 West Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, giving the search engines even more rich data information to place it back into their indexes just by three simple postings on Craigslist and Backpage websites. Very well organized classified websites for valuable backlinks.

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14 How to Create Meta Tags for SEO

14 How to Create Meta Tags for SEO

14 How to create Meta Tags for SEO reveals the important Meta tags for top Google ranking results. Created by search engine optimization consultant this video session explains how to create the perfect Meta description tag and how to utilize Firefox Web Developer Tools to tweak SERP (search engine results page) to see exactly how your web page title and meta description will look in SERP.

Web page title and also Meta description elements when crafted intelligently will allow Google to show them in search snippets. If you create your Meta description while describing your landing page content (as in what will your visitors find when they visit you) then Google will more often than not show your version of the web page description. If not created properly, or if Meta descriptions are used just to include keywords and more keywords. Then that will have negative effect and not help your Google rankings at all.
To learn how to create web page titles for search engine optimization purposes, you can watch this video:

To learn more about which meta tags Google understands and therefore important to include for Google and how to use them, simply visit Google Webmaster Help section here:

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There are many other meta tags which can be used for giving user-agents more information about the content of a particular webpage. But most of them are not helpful Google rankings, for example: defining the “meta tag revisit after” will not make Google to obey that rule. Meaning there is no way you can use a meta tag to tell Google when it should crawl your landing pages. Google does that by itself, therefore, although most webmaster use the “meta tag for revisit after directive” it actually doesn’t mean anything for Google, but it does make the size of your landing page unnecessary bigger. In terms of page load times, every bit counts.

Here’s what Google’s own search quality team says about important meta tags for Google:

You may want additionally use the “meta tag for unavailable after directive” this video session outlines how that works.

This particular video on methods for creating meta tags for search engine optimization has been uploaded by #rankyaseoservices YouTube channel which can be located here:

New York Video SEO: Best YouTube and Google Video Search Engine Optimization for NYC!

New York Video SEO: Best YouTube and Google Video Search Engine Optimization for NYC!

Get the best video SEO for NYC on and dominate YouTube and Google search results with your videos! If you are serious about getting your YouTube videos ranked on top for your most important keywords, you have to try VideoRanker!

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What about YouTube SEO for New York?
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Press Release Secrets: Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For The Best Press Release Results

Press Release Secrets: Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For The Best Press Release Results

Press Release Secrets: Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For The Best Press Release Results

Forth thing for best practices is using search engine optimization, SEO. If your press release is intended for online publication, research what the readers of that particular publication be looking for. Have a good read through the articles, what’s or what’s on there and so on. Make sure that you include at least 1 powerful keyword or keyword phrase in the headline, and in the body copy. You must always do that. That will work wonders for SEO. Google and so on will pick that up, because they’ll be searching for your keywords. Make sure you do that. Make sure it’s in your headline and in the body text as well. The fifth of the seven best practice is include 2 quotes. This goes back probably 150 years. I can remember learning this not quite that long ago, the early days. If you got 2 quotes in there, it can work really well. All news agents, if publications don’t like you to have two quotes. The convention for this is to include a quote from an interested party, like a customer or a niche enthusiast, about the topic. For example, and I’m being silly with the eels again, but “We swam in that swimming hole since I was a child without encountering any giant eels.” Said Mrs. Whatever from Wherever. South End, don’t say she lives in undecided.
Include a quote from yourself is the other option, as a business owner, but you must write this in the third person. Must do that all the time. Mary Wobble, owner of the Wobble Gardens Hotel, did Mrs. Rumor of the killer eel with a wink. A few people may have had a toe nibbled while swimming, but frankly, we put that down to our 11 varieties of goldfish. Now I know that’s silly, and it makes more sense when you read the transcript below, but we’ve got a quote … We’ve got a name of a person, Mary Wobble, we’ve got the name of her hotel, Wobble Gardens Hotel, we’ve got a bit of humor in there. We’ve also managed to say that with this story about this killer eel in the pool isn’t true or it’s this minor thing. We’ve also got a sales thing. 11 varieties of goldfish in our swimming pool. All right? Silly example, but sometimes silly examples work to show you … Just to get your brains thinking about this. Sixth of the seventh best practice is embedding a video or uploading a photo. Don’t actually embed the video, let me just stress that. By all means, a link to it, but don’t embed it in emails.
That thing just drives us mad. We see it all the time, embedded video in the press release. A lot of journalists work from home these days and you start embedding videos and trying to download it. Real stories cannot get through these meters. We get very very knocked about it. If you’re sending a photo, you’ve got to make sure it’s of top quality. Just so professional it’s not true. It’s pin sharp. It’s obvious what things are. Make sure there’s a caption there as well for it of course. Make sure it conforms to the size and format guidelines of the particular publication. For a website, for example, they cannot do a very wide photograph. They may do tall and so on. Lots of newspapers, magazines only want black and white photographs. They may want only color photographs and so on. The seventh of the seventh best practice is make sure that you know your audience. You can write the best press release in the world. If you’re writing for a publication that isn’t including your audience, not only will it won’t be ready, it won’t even be published. In other words, know who your reporters, readers, and fans are.
What is the publication about? What sort of people read it? If it’s most people in the fifties or male and you’re aiming at people who are in the twenties who are female, you’re wasting your time. You’re wasting the journalist’s time. Next time you send a press release, it may be really relevant. Oh, the stuff from that idiot before. It’s just so easy these days. It was easy enough in the old days to press release would call in. You’d get a few seconds to read it. You’d throw it in the bin. You do it with emails I’m sure all the day long. Journalists certainly do that. These days it’s so easy just to press the delete key. We do remember who sent stuff in, but remember also because you don’t get a response immediately, we do tend to save stuff for awhile, we may come back to it in the future so don’t worry if you’ve not heard straight away. Just a bit here about the audience, because if you’re not really into press releases, get an assistant who’s passionate about them. There’s plenty of top-notch virtual assistants out there who do nothing but write press releases, publicity briefs all day long.