SEO Consultation – Follow Along As We Optimize A Content Marketing Campaign For The Search Engines

SEO Consultation – Follow Along As We Optimize A Content Marketing Campaign For The Search Engines

Does your website not deliver as many visits from Google as you like? Properly optimizing your content for the search engines is key… In this video, you can follow along as I coach a friend on how to implement SEO best practices for his website and niche.

Before I get into the extended description, here are a list of the resources used and mentioned from the live video on SEO.

For the keyword tool, go here:

For a video that covers the basics of SEO, go here:

For the previous consultation focused on Keyword Research for another friend, go here:

For the YouTube SEO video, go here:

Previous feedback from my keyword research video where I analyzed a friends website and did a keyword research session for him was great.

Many comments stated that you got a lot of value hearing me go deep in one real world niche versus using hypotheticals.

So in this video,, we do just that…

My friend Billy Elusive’s site has been stagnant in the search engines for years. He used to be on aggressive content publishing schedule, but is not receiving the results he once enjoyed.

This is because Google has changed the game on search engine optimization many times over the years.

Publishing 500 word articles every day is no longer enough… Google wants to see in-depth posts linked to other relevant in-depth posts all positioning your website as the authority on a specific topic.

How do you do that?

Great question… The first step is to come up with the different main categories that your content falls under.

Using the keyword research tool you can find out which ones of these have the highest potential search volume and lowest competition.

Once you’ve identified the first main area you want to build an SEO silo within, you then do more research for the long tail keyword phrases around that topic.

Once you find the main tear to keywords, you can begin to look at the specific post topics in the tier 3 keyword phrases.

When you publish your content the tier 3 content links up to the tier 2 content…. And the tier 2 content links up to the top tier content for your main keyword phrase.

When you build out your content marketing strategy in this way you’re able to leverage your own sites authority plus the authority from social media while giving Google hyper-targeted content pieces that are incredibly relevant to your users’ needs… All increasing the likelihood of top Google rankings.

This method also allows you to focus on the longtail keywords first. You can find the low hanging fruit phrases, dominate those, then build your authority while driving traffic from day one.

As you continue to pick the low hanging fruit and your website grows in authority you build a stronger presence that can rank you for the tier 2 keyword phrases and eventually the tier 1 keyword phrases.

Being of service to your audience is always the goal.

Using the keyword research tool in a way that allows you to identify the segments of your audience that are being underserved with valuable content… Those with low competition… Is the best place to start your search engine optimization process.

Search Engine Submission | How to Submit your website to Google, Bing Search Engines

Search Engine Submission | How to Submit your website to Google, Bing Search Engines

Search Engine Submission, How to Submit your website to Google, yahoo, Bing Search Engines-
In this video tutorials i will tell about what is Search Engine Submission and how to do Search Engine Submission for website, How to Submit your website to Google Search Engines.
Topics includes-
1. Top Best 50 Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2016
2. best free search engine submission
3. free google search engine submission.. So on..

Free Web Submission: Free Search Engine Submission
Free Web Submission is the source for free search engine submission. they provide webmasters and site owners with free manual and auto submission

Free Search Engine Submission – Entireweb

Doing Search Engine Submission for-

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Blogger tutorial for beginners in Hindi | how to create a blog to earn money:-

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how to start a career in digital marketing

Google Advance Tips And Tricks

Computer Advance Tips and Tricks – Hindi

Blogger tutorial for beginners in Hindi | how to create a blog to earn money

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SEO Process Explained – a PowerPoint Video Presentation

SEO Process Explained – a PowerPoint Video Presentation

Pesi Unwalla of uses a combination of a PowerPoint Video Presentation and Streaming Video is used to explain the various steps in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process which drives traffic to your website by making it more visible on search engines like Google. Something for website owners as well as presenters who are looking to present online using multimedia to make their message more effective and far reaching. For more information on using Streaming Video for business visit the site: and for web development related to online marketing:

Teknik SEO ,search engine optimization | cara riset keyword | Mencari kata kunci #27

Teknik SEO ,search engine optimization | cara riset keyword | Mencari kata kunci #27

Halo guys , kali ini kita akan bahas soal teknik SEO / search engine optimization ..

Apa sih SEO?? Seo adalah cara untuk riset keywoard melalu google adwoards keywoard planner .. jadi kita bisa menentukan atau meriset bahwa kata kunci apa aja yg paling di cari sama orang2 di google pencarian …
Baik itu youtube/ google ..

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Measuring Value w/ William Walczak Hiilite: Futur Pro Call ep12

On this call, William Walczak shares tips, tricks, methods, tools, and best practices when it comes to SEO (searcg engine optimization) for your website. Content marketing is also covered.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, tools, and how to measure and report effectiveness.

A hands-on session starting at the beginning of what you need to know to do SEO effectively. We will be sharing the methods and tools that we wish we knew more about before we started.


03:11 SEO and measuring value
05:00 What gets measured gets managed
06:40 What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?
11:01 What is Metadata?
11:45 Q: What is a meta tag?
14:45 Ostrich Egg Example
18:33 Q: Does internal linking help rank you in google?
23:20 Why you should care about SEO for your design business
26:55 Q: How do you analyze what SEO efforts are providing good results?
28:13 Q: Do you have a hard time communicating the time it takes to improve rankings?
31:55 There are no shortcuts
33:28 Why it’s important
34:55 SEO Tools to Get Started
40:06 Google Keyword Planner – Overview
55:30 Q: What your minimum level of engagement as an SEO agency?
1:00:55 About Google Analytics
1:03:00 About Google Search Console & Moz Open Site Explorer
1:05:16 SEO tools to run
1:05:30 AlphaDoors Case Study & Live analytics view
1:11:20 Behavior Flow Analytics – reducing drop off rate
1:15:25 Q: Are you managing your clients content creation and distribution?
1:19:25 Hubspot Website Grader – Overview
1:24:00 Conclusion
1:26:28 Q: Did you launch a lot of campaigns to help AlphaDoors get ranked high?
1:27:40 Q: When I bring you in for a new client, what sort of information do you provide them?
1:30:30 Q: Do you charge for upfront research before clients sign up for a monthly engagement?
1:32:25 Q: How many people are in your company?
1:32:56 Q: Even if you are first in rankings, your phone doesn’t necessarily ring off the hook. How do you explain this to your clients?
1:35:55 Q: Is there a difference between local and national SEO practices?
1:37:42 Q: If the client has a brand new company, is it a good strategy to help them with content marketing?
1:40:11 Q: Do you have more business than you can handle currently?
1:41:15 Q: What’s your price point?
1:44:00 Q: What sort of hours should someone that is selling SEO services bill?
1:44:47 Q: Are you willing to work as a white-label SEO service?
1:47:41 Q: Have you thought about charging based on value versus time?

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Learn what is SEO In Telugu| Basics of Search Engine Optimization Telugu Video

Learn what is SEO In Telugu| Basics of Search Engine Optimization Telugu Video

Looking for SEO Training in Telugu or Seo Tutorials in Telugu? Find out basically what is SEO in the Telugu Language.
Search Engine Optimization is the process of bringing a website on the first page of google for selective keywords.
Finding a proper keyword is a major phase in SEO and analyzing competition for that keyword is the critical component.
Applying that keyword on pages of the website is called on-page SEO and content optimization is a part of it.
After on-page SEO, it is off page SEO which plays an important role in building authority in search engines.

SEO optimization – off-site search engine optimization presentation

SEO optimization – off-site search engine optimization presentation

Search Engine Optimization

– Do you want to know off-site SEO factors?
You can learn about SEO optimization from this video presentation.
– Do you want to know more about how can WEBIGE help your business?
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Short summary: Off-site Search Engine Optimization

Back links, also known as incoming links are used by search engines to determine pages ranks. Now, the search engines attribute higher importance to quality versus quantity of backlinks.

Backlinks sources!
– Video Directories – YouTube has become a major search engine itself. People use YouTube to find information just as they would search through Google.
– PDF Directories – These platforms include places like Scribd and DocStoc. Once again, this is both a traffic source and a backlinks source.
-Directories – You should use only niche directories that are directly related with your industry.
– Article submission – This is a great way to establish yourself as an “Authority” in your field, as well as create a steady stream of new relevant links (and Traffic) to your site.
– Press Releases — Find “News Worthy” events to write about your company and your website.
– Forums
– Blog Comments
– Review sites
– Classified sites

Outgoing links!
Search Engines use the sites you link to, in determining the subject of your site. Link to a few authority sites.

Social Marketing!
Don’t forget the social marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or G+, and the other social sites actually provide link value, and search engines do pay attention to trends in the social sites.

Checking incoming links regularly!
We recommend using webmaster tools from Google and Bing.

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Search Engine Optimization Benefits Your Business

Search Engine Optimization Benefits Your Business. 508-404-4389. The SEO Toolkit with its detailed analysis and search engine friendly suggestions helps improve the relevance of your website in search results right away. You can learn more about using specific keywords to maximize search traffic by reading about long tail search engine optimization. The search engine optimization process includes researching keywords, creating content, building links and making sure your website is visible in the search engines. There is no way to guarantee a particular placement within the organic search results of any search engine. The better your site is optimized for the search engines, the higher your search engine rankings become.

Miles Internet Marketing offers SEO for local businesses helping you beat your competitors for local results. We are a SEO company in Boston area. There are many benefits of search engine optimization and you wand an SEO company with lots of experience.

As the owner of a local business, you have to take on many different responsibilities. Whether you are a small or large business owner, hiring an SEO firm is something that should be approached very carefully. When you own a business you have a lot on your mind. Any business with a physical location needs a good SEO strategy. For a local business, location specific links are of utmost importance. There are many advantages to having a powerful SEO campaign to get all the benefits of local organic SEO.

Search engine optimization benefits your business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) introduction tutorial to learn SEO basics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) introduction tutorial to learn SEO basics

For further SEO introduction and to learn SEO basics, visit:

In this tutorial, I give an introduction to SEO and explain common SEO basics and some of the history with SEO. SEO is the common practice of doing good-practice techniques to help your website rank in Google’s search results. The higher your website ranks, the more traffic your site will get, and likely the more money you will make.

There are two very important factors that go into SEO. The first is the keywords that are on your website and individual pages. And the second factor is how many other sites link to your site and how authoritative those sites are.

The keywords you use on your website and individual pages are part of SEO basics and need to be included in an introduction to SEO. The keywords are important because Google will most likely rank your site for those particular keywords. And keywords that people use in search are very interesting because they tell us about the intent of the user. Essentially the person who is searching is telling us what exactly they want at the time that they need it. So if your site can satisfy what the searcher needs, you can convert that person to a buyer.

In addition to SEO keywords, the other part of SEO basics and something that should be included in an introduction to SEO are the links pointing from other site to your site are very important as well. Google looks at all the links across the web and tries to determine whether which websites have the most links pointing to them. Sites with more links are seen more authoritative, and typically rank higher.

If you would like to know more about SEO, try my marketing plan book which has a full chapter explaining SEO and shows even some advanced and sophisticated SEO strategies:

Best way to create your website: WordPress vs. Squarespace vs. Weebly:

Inbound marketing tutorial:

SEO and social media:

On page SEO tutorial:

Off page SEO tutorial:

How to get Google traffic:

How to start a successful YouTube channel:

Blog commenting for SEO:

Content marketing:

SEO social signals and engagement signals:

Marketing strategies course:

Marketing strategy book to reach 1,000,000 people: